On Wednesday Nights at 6:30pm, dgroups take place to help grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.  Every few weeks we start new dgroups that study many different things. Come join us!


33 The Series Vol 2A Man & His Story 

In this second volume of   33 The Series, men explore their stories through a biblical perspective. With help from experts and regular guys, they will be equipped to learn from their past, come alive in their present, and enjoy God’s best in the future.

Leader - Brian Stone & Barry Spencer   

Cost - $15

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Seamless covers the people, places and promises of the Bible, tying them together into the greater story of Scripture. You will gain an overarching understanding of the fundamental layout and meaning of God’s Word. Seamless helps replace insecurity that holds participants back with clarity and helping them move forward with confidence in their understanding of Scripture.

Leader - Holly Stone   

Cost - $14

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Ready to Launch

Christian parents are not seeking mere behavior modification in their children but the growth of truly godly passions. Based on Psalm 127, this study plumbs the wisdom of the Bible about the goals of parenting, the stages of discipline, the role of the church, and strategies to shape the heart toward the gospel. 

Leader - Chris Arnold 

Cost - $13

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Counter Culture 

The truths of the gospel should compel us to a contrite, compassionate, and courageous personal response to social issues in the culture. This study is a pointed yet winsome call for readers to faithfully follow Christ in countercultural ways. There will be a cost. There will be a reward. Do Christians in the contemporary church have the courage to counter the culture?

Leader - Daran Hodges

Cost - $14

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1 Corinthians

The congregation at Corinth was mired in contradiction, heralding the power of spiritual gifts and knowledge, yet foolishly engaging in sinful behavior. This troubled church inspired the apostle Paul to write one of his most extraordinary letters.

Leader - Elders

Cost - No cost

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