Harvey Relief

Letter from Pastor Brian

Valley View Church,

Thank you for your heart and concern to respond to the devastation in south Texas caused by Hurricane Harvey. I am writing to inform you of our plan to respond.

I have been in contact with several friends and pastors who are leading organized efforts to offer relief and rebuilding. As you know, Houston is the city I have lived most of my life and the west Houston suburb of Katy is where we moved from coming to Louisville. God has given us a chance to offer our partnership in four main ways.

After accessing the greatest needs and our greatest ability to help, this is our plan:


On Wednesday, September 6, we had a special prayer service for those impacted by Harvey. If you missed this time, we encourage you join us using the video of that service as a guide.


Valley View collected a special Offering for Hurricane Relief. Because of your faithfulness, we are able to invest $20,000 towards assisting churches in the area with relief efforts. We have partnered with three churches (Bay Area FBC in League City near Galveston, Kingsland Baptist and the Fellowship in Katy). They are organizing city wide relief in the name of Jesus. 100% of our gift will go toward relief for those in need.

Go-September 17-23

We are excited that our team of 20 people have left to provide assistance and relief for the Hurricane Relief efforts. Please be in prayer them this week.

With over 5,500 homes impacted by flooding in Katy there is a great need to help these families, many of whom had no flood insurance nor the resources to pay for all the repairs required. We will send a team of people to help with food distribution to families in need and “muck outs,” which is the initial cleaning and removal of homes damaged by the flooding. We will work with Texas Baptist Men (SBC) and Kingsland Baptist Church to assist in this face-to-face help with real victims.

Our team will work through Friday Morning. They will be focused on providing food and mucking-out houses damaged by the storm. Mucking-out is the process through which you remove all wet items from homes impacted by flooding. They will travel back Friday and Saturday. We look forward to celebrating their impact upon their return during next Sunday’s Worship Services.

Collect and Send

Thank you for your generous donations. Our team is taking two trailer loads of supplies with them!

Check back for more updates

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