Ideas for Building Friendships

  • Make a note of the names of the neighbors you meet.

  • Begin to pray for those families by name.

  • Ask God to give you natural opportunities to build on your Halloween introductions.

  • Wait to see where God is working and providing opportunity.

  • Slow down and take advantage of these opportunities.

    When you see a neighbor mowing the lawn or walking the dog, take a few minutes to stop and say hello.

  • Invite a mom over for coffee, or ask a dad for a helping hand with a home project.

  • If there are children your kids could get to know...

    Call and invite them over to play, and tell them they can bring their parents, too!

  • Be prepared!

    Be willing to be interrupted! If you want to reach out to your neighbors with the love of God, He will faithfully give you many opportunities.


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