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The Gospel of Luke can be summed up in one phrase: It’s all about Jesus, and Jesus is for everyone. Throughout the book of Luke, Jesus is constantly reaching out to people pushed aside by the society of that time. Women, a thief, gentiles, fishermen, and “sinners”—they’re all here, and they’re all seen. In this 10-week series we will offer a snapshot of Luke, touching on some of the major topics in the gospel.


April 23-May 28
Pastor Brian lays out Valley View’s Mission and Strategy as well as unveiling our fresh updated branding.

I Believe

February 19-April 16

In the early days of Christianity the Church Fathers put together statements of faith to combat false teaching. These statements are called Creeds. For nearly 2000 years, the church has unified around the Apostles Creed. We invite you to join us over the next 9-weeks as we look at it line-by-line and discover what we believe, why we believe, and what it means for our lives.

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Freedom to Forgive

January 15-February 12

In this powerful new series, we will discover a freedom in the gospel that satisfies the hurt and pain we experience in life. Pastor Brian will lead us in this series as he shares his own struggle to forgive and the unexpected freedom he found in the gospel.

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