Marriage today is, well, let’s just say, not always easy. With how fast-paced life is people are always on the go and under constant strain. Marriage Today is designed to equip marriages with the essentials necessary to live an abundant marriage. During the year we offer retreats, date nights, conferences, bible studies, and events where we talk about the real issues that every marriage faces in a fun and entertaining way.

Trust God

Marriage today is not always easy. The bills always come, the kids always have to be somewhere, and there is never enough time. Mostly, life can get pretty crazy as we go along in our marriages. During all of these times the question is, “am I trusting God with my life,” or better yet, “does He have control of my life?” In order for our marriage to work we must understand that God is to be first in our lives and we must trust in Him to help us along in our marriages. We believe this is the first essential of a healthy marriage. Our number one goal is for you to… Trust God.

Celebrate Differences

The person who wrote that girls are made of “sugar and spice and everything nice while boys are made of dirt and snails and puppy dog tails” was on to something… men and women are as different as daylight and darkness. Sometimes these differences draw married couples closer together and other times it drives them apart. The real challenge is to accept how God has designed men and women and to use those differences to serve and complement each other. Often we try and change our spouses in the name of what is “right.” That is why we believe even if our spouses never change we need to love them where they are. It is essential for couples to understand and accept each other’s differences. We want you to… Celebrate Differences.

Nurture Romance

She never desires me…
I need him to want me for more than just sex…
We are never on the same page intimately… romantically… or sexually…
The power of romance and sex in a married couple’s life is often a great paradox. On the one hand it can be the greatest thing about marriage… and on the other it can cause some of the greatest frustrations. Romance can be our greatest asset or our biggest obstacle. As husband and wife, we must understand that each one of use have certain needs. The question is not how can I get my needs fulfilled but how can I meet the needs of my spouse. Placing the needs of our spouses first is essential to a great marriage.
Remember men are like microwaves…
And women are like crock pots…
No matter which one you are, it is essential to… Nurture Romance.

Coming Home

The thing about our lives today is that there is always something else that needs to be done. The problem is there will never be enough time to get it all done. We often feel neglected… cheated… and left out as our priorities are often out of place. We believe that the health of the family is essential to the church and our lives as married couples. This is why we encourage you to make coming home a huge priority. If something needs to be left undone, it needs to be that last item at work or the finishing touches on cleaning the car. In other words if you are going to give up doing something don’t let it be spending time with family at home. This is why it is essential to… Come Home.

Create Communication

He never listens to me…
She always reads more into what I am saying…
How do I make him understand what I need?
How do I make her see that I love her?
One of the most frustrating things in life is trying to communicate to someone who does not understand what you are saying. Men and women often speak the same language but understand it in different ways. As a result, one of our greatest desires is for someone to understand us. This is why great communication is needed so much in our marriages. It is the building block that all other areas hinge upon. That is why we believe it is essential for you to… Create Communication.

Finish Together

I am not sure if I can take it anymore…
This is not what I expected in marriage…
They keep threatening to leave…
Although marriage can be tough, divorce can be tougher…
Over the past two decades divorce rates have skyrocketed. More couples are calling for a divorce at unprecedented rates. One important factor to marriage is security. We need to know that no matter what, our spouse is going to stick with us. Husbands and wives need to know that they can work anything out with the help of God. Our children need us to remain together. This is why we believe it is essential for couples to… Finish Together.

The decision to marry someone is one of the most important decisions of your life. Because of this, preparing for marriage is one of the greatest things you will ever do. Preparation is more than picking out patterns or tasting cakes.  It also includes setting the foundations that your marriage will be built upon. Having a great marriage cannot be bought, bargained for, or just happen. Great marriages require real work.

Our desire at Marriage Today is to help you create the foundation that is essential in order to have an amazing and blessed life together. This foundation is fostered by having marriage mentors walk you through several sessions that talk about real issues that every marriage must face and help give you the tools to build a marriage that will last a lifetime. These mentors will help guide you through your wedding day and then will be an available resource as you walk through your new journey together.


Our mentoring is available to members and regular attenders who are already engaged. If you desire to be married by one of our pastors, you are required to receive marriage mentoring through Marriage Today.


Step 1: Registration (click here)

Step 2: Once we have a mentor couple assigned, you will be contacted by our team

Step 3: Take the Pre-Marital Inventory Questionnaire

I know, I know, no one likes to fill out information about themselves but this information is essential in helping our team identify potential problem areas and strengths in couples’ relationships. Just sit back, listen to some tunes and take a few minutes to reply.

Step 4: Meet your Mentoring Couple

After you fill out all the necessary forms, you will be assigned a “mentoring couple.” This couple has been trained and equipped to meet with you for the six sessions in our mentoring program. You will find out that this process can be fun and entertaining as you go through key areas that are essential for any great marriage. The great thing about mentoring couples is that they are great future assets, as you face new challenges once you are married. Now that you have a relationship with them, you can contact them for advice in the future.

What do you need to do?

Time – You will be asked to invest the time necessary to complete the program. It takes about six months to complete the process.
Fee – The cost is $50.00

Contact Kimberlee Slaughter for more information.

To download our marriage handbook, click here.

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