Purity for Life Weekend

Purity for Life Weekend is January 12th and 13th! This is our Milestone Five event for the 6th, 7th and 8th grade students and their parents together. This Milestone prepares parents to have a spiritual sex talk with their children on how to live a pure life. Living a Pure Life doesn't just mean abstaining from sex before marriage, but describes a holistic approach to living life as a teen.

The weekend will start Friday at 6:30 pm with an engaging fun intro into the night. At 7:15 pm, we will have dinner and a panel discussion between a Police Officer, Nurse, and a Dad. This discussion will make this weekend! Expect real honest answers to your questions. At 8:45 pm, parents are dismissed and students stay for the fun: AN ALL NIGHTER! Students will experience a night out at Altitude. We can let Kids be Kids for the night! Saturday morning at 8 am we will feed your student breakfast and at 9 am parents will join us for one last session with parents, boys, and girls separated.

The hope is you leave as a family encouraged and empowered to move forward with living a pure life!

Cost of this weekend is $25 if you register before December 18. Then raises to $30 per student. Parents are free!

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