Purity for Life Weekend

We are so excited to have our Purity for Life WKD January 16, 18, & 19! That’s a Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Our whole entire purpose of this event is to equip parents to lead their teen to live a Life of Purity in this world.

Let’s face it, the world doesn’t want our teens to live pure lives. However, God calls us to stand out and live pure in the face of opposition. Your teen cannot do this alone and they need you to help and guide them on this path.

Purity for Life is our fifth milestone on the path, and honestly it seems like it’s the most challenging and daunting one yet. That’s because it deals with an awkward topic: sex. It might be awkward at first, but we believe that if you as the parent seize the opportunity to point your teen down the path of purity, they will less likely make a mistake that could ruin their life.

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What’s PFL going to be like?

Purity for Life WKD is going to be completely different than ever before. It’s going to start that Wednesday with our parents and teens coming together with worship and a session looking at the purity of King David from the Bible. We will end that night with groups discussing how we can stay pure and guiding our teens to be pure. We will send you out with a discussion guide for the week with questions and devotional thoughts for the next 3 days.

Friday night we will eat dinner together and have an all-together opening session with the topic of how to stay pure in this world: what steps do we take; what do we need to do; what’s appropriate and not. After our first session, we will play a very fun game together with family against family for an awesome prize! This game is going to be epic! After that time, we will split up into 3 separate groups for girls, boys, and parents to dig into purity on each group’s level. Friday night's events will last from 6pm to 9pm. After group time, parents will take their teens home and have a spiritual talk.

Saturday morning, you and your teen will travel together to Paoli Peaks to top off the weekend with a celebratory moment. We are going to SNOW TUBE as a family! During the ride up to the Peaks, we want the car ride to be talkative and device free. Snow Tubing will start at 10am and will last until about 1pm. The design around this ending is to create a fun memory that your teen will never forget.

At the end of PFL WKD, we will equip every family with a devotion. All the 6th grade families will receive an invite to a YouVersion Bible devotion that they can do together. Both the 7th & 8th graders will receive Passport to Purity, which has 5 projects and 25 devotionals to do as a family. We want you to be well equipped to lead your teen after this WKD.

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PFL Weekend costs $20 per person attending. So if you, your spouse and teen go, that’s $60. Or if it’s just you and your teen, it’s $40. Remember, this event is not designed for your teen to go alone. Basically the $20 per person comes from snow tubing. We (as the church) are investing in your family this weekend by providing the devotions, materials, and Friday’s dinner at no cost to you. We take Purity for Life seriously and we welcome you to join us in that!

When: January 16, 18 & 19, 2019
How much: $20 per person
Where: Valley View Church and Paoli Peaks

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  • I came last year, do I need to come again?
    • Yes, because it’s going to be totally different, with a different theme all together. Last year centered around the sex and the teen. This year will be centered around the family and sin.
  • Who can come?
    • Parents and their middle school teen(s). We want this to be special to further create a bond between parent and teen.
  • But I’m a grandparent, and I’m raising my grandkid; can we still come?
    • YES! You are taking up the role as a parent to your grandkid, and we want to invest in you the same. Thank you!
  • Okay I’m in, but I’m not physically able to snow tube, what do I need to do?
    • We still want you to come, and it’s okay if you physically can’t go snow tubing. However your teen will still get so much out of you watching them and you taking all sorts of pictures! Let me know in the note that this is you.
  • What if I can’t make it on one of those days with my teen?
    • It will be very beneficial for both parents to be there, but we’re okay if only one of you can attend. But sending your teen with no parents isn’t the greatest idea. Try to make arrangements to be there and if all else fails try to get a grandparent to attend with your teen. This event is designed for both parent(s) and teen.
  • Is my teen staying overnight at the church?
    • No. Last year we learned that teens do go to sleep when they’re in groups. Haha, that said, Saturday morning they passed out before the last session, and when you picked them up they died somewhere between the church and the house. It was a miracle that you didn’t have to carry them home. And you probably didn’t have a meaningful conversation until Monday. Well, our idea this year is to send them home with you because together you are going to have a conversation about everything. Trust us though, we are going to make this something that they will not forget.
  • What if I didn’t live out a pure life before God? Am I allowed to come? What do a say to my teen?
    • Jesus can restore anyone. “It’s okay not to be okay, but it’s not okay to stay that way.” Yes, we still want you to come, and we are going to equip you with what you need to say too.
  • What if other family members want to go snow tubing?
    • Try to make this a thing between you and your middle schooler.
  • What is Snow Tubing?
  • What if I have a friend who doesn’t go to Valley View, but wants to come; can they come?
    • Yes, but they still need to have a parent/guardian with them.
  • What if we want to stay longer or go Skiing?
    • Sure! But you would have to make arrangements with Paoli Peaks.
  • How long does Snow Tubing last?
    • 3 Hours
  • I’m in all the way, how do I register?
    • Use the button below.

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If you have any concerns or more questions email TravisHoward@vvchurch.org

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