Many Christians are not aware of the place of the home in the outworking of God’s plan in the world. The truth is, it’s very critical because the home is the primary place we live out our faith, it’s the primary place of Satan’s attack, but even beyond that the home is the primary place God is working to restore and spread His image and glory. In this practical and powerful series, Pastor Brian Stone walks us through the Scripture to see God’s design for the Home. However, this is not just theological. You will be blessed to know that each sermon ends with a practical step you and your family can take in the direction restoration and renewal. This is not your typical series on roles in the home. This is a unique look at the home through the story of redemption. When we live in the defeat of brokenness at home we miss out on God’s original design and God’s strategic plan to spread His glory over the earth. This series could in fact be your first step into a new story of healing and victory.

August 7
The Spiritual Battle for the Home

Special Sermon in Preparation for the Restore the Home Series

August 14
Reflect God’s Image
Faith Talk
August 21
Build a Strong Marriage
Faith Talk
August 28
Love and Passion for God
Faith Talk
September 4, 2016
Parents as Primary Faith Trainer
Faith Talk
September 11, 2016
The Blessing
Faith Talk
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September 18, 2016
Spread the Image
Faith Talk

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