Treat and Meet – October 31

At Valley View Church we talk a lot about scattering into the community to live out our Faith@Home. We have an exciting opportunity on October 31st. Halloween is the one time each year when your neighbors and their kids will be walking the streets, come to your home, and even knock on your door! That’s why we are inviting you to join us in engaging with the folks in your neighborhood by participating in Treat and Meet.

Our Goal is for you to create an environment at your home that invites your neighbors to hang out a little longer so you can connect and build new relationships with those who live near you.

Treat & Meet Cups

We have “Treat & Meet” cups for you to use. You fill the cup with candy and pass these out to the connections you make! The cups are free and are available in stacks of 25 per home in the Lobby. Cups are available in the Main Lobby .

How many neighbors can your family meet?

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