How do I determine which folder to place an Event?

The best way to think of a folder in Planning Center is that each folder represents a Calendar that is comprised of smaller calendars (subfolders). The main calendar for Valley View is called the Church Event Calendar.

Folder = Calendar
The problem:

If every single event connected to our church was placed on a single printed calendar, we would not be able to print it out in a readable format.

The Solution:

We have created specific folders for items that do not need to appear on the Church Event Calendar. These items include Weekly Church Schedule (Services & Groups), Homeschool Activities, League Games & Practices, Rentals, and CDC Gym Usage. Those activities get placed in the corresponding folders for their events. All other events get added into a folder under the Church Event Calendar. If your event falls into one of these special areas but needs to be placed on the Church Event Calendar, make sure to place it into one of the folders under the Church Event Calendar. (For example, Soccer Awards or Sermon Series starting.)

Those events on the Church Event Calendar are then placed into the folder that best represents the ministry they are connected to. Events not fitting well into any of these folders should be added to the Misc folder.