• Sunday School held from 1938 to 1940

    In Summer of 1938, Mrs. Lula Tyree shares with her friend Mrs. Annie Quillen that God has laid on her heart to start a Sunday School. They team together and in August, the first Sunday School is started with 5 adults and 12 children.

  • Sunday School held under Old Oak Tree during good weather.

    Across the street from Mrs. Quillen’s house was a large oak tree on the property of Maurice and Kathryn Roberts. This property is where the current church is located today.

  • First Services Held Summer of 1939

    Bro Raleigh Cardwell preached the first sermon in “Roberts woods”. Throughout this early stage of Valley View Church, many different traveling pastors preached messages here.

  • Rev R.C. Knipp, 1st Pastor

    Rev Knipp serves Valley View from May 1940 to July 1941.

  • Valley View Officially Organized on September 13, 1940

    At urging of Mrs. Tyree, the church comprised of Baptists, Lutherans, Nazarenes, and Methodists organize as a Baptist Congregation. Representatives from many local Baptist churches in the area approve this new fledgling congregation.

  • First Building finished on September 21, 1940

    A little white building that measured 20 by 40 feet was completed. Later a basement was added to this building.

  • Rev Dale Moody, 2nd Pastor

    Rev Moody serves Valley View from November 1941 to June 1944. Later Dr. Moody becomes well known as a Professor of Theology.

  • Early Growth

    During these days, the church was very committed to door to door contacting, bus ministry, and revival services. By 1944 the church had grown to more than 200 people.

  • Rev Dedia Anderson, 3rd Pastor

    Rev Anderson serves Valley View from August 1944 to January 1946.

  • Rev Judson C Segers, 4th Pastor

    Rev Segers serves Valley View from May 1946 to December 1948.

  • Rev Robert R Case, 5th Pastor

    Rev Case serves Valley View from June 1949 to May 1955. Under his ministry the church reached out to Waverly Hills patients and started a recreation program.

  • Space Problems

    At one point there were so many children in the church during those days that all of the adult groups had to move down the road to rented houses. During this time, the brick building now part of the children’s area was built.

  • Rev Jerry Helms, 6th Pastor

    Rev Helms serves Valley View from January 1956 to November 1958.

  • Rev Jerry Davis, 7th Pastor

    Rev Davis serves Valley View from January 1959 to July 1961.

  • Rev Willis H Tassie, 8th Pastor

    Rev Tassie serves Valley View from September 1961 to June 1963

  • Rev James E Jones, 9th Pastor

    Rev Jones serves Valley View from November 1963 to August 1973. Under his leadership, the church grew to just over 600 people.

  • New Sanctuary

    In July 1967, the church moved in a new Sanctuary. This building currently is where our church offices, chapel, and attic are located.

  • Rev Howell Upchurch, 10th Pastor

    Rev Upchurch serves Valley View from August 1964 to September 1989.

  • Family Life Building Built

    In early 1979, our existing family life building was built and offered the area the first recreation facility of its kind in the area.

  • Worship Center Built

    In 1986, the church broke ground on our existing worship center.

  • Rev Tony Turnnell, 11th Pastor

    Rev Turnnell serves Valley View from October 1989 to August 1996.

  • Rev Kevin Hamm, 12th Pastor

    Pastor Kevin serves Valley View from Nov 1997 to March 2006. Under Pastor Kevin’s leadership the church grew to just under 2,400 people.

  • Dr Joel Carwile, 13th Pastor

    Pastor Joel serves Valley View from June 2007-July 2015.

  • Pastor Brian Stone, 14th Pastor

    On January 24, 2016, Pastor Brian Stone became Valley View’s 14th Pastor.

Information provided by Vision of the Valley. A booklet about the History of Valley View Church.