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Milestone Six

Milestone Six




Equipping your teenager for biblical manhood or womanhood


Roles of Men and Women, Spiritual Gifts and Service, Doctrine


Catalyst Weekend


Rite of Passage Ceremony

Becoming an adult is a welcome yet daunting task for most teenagers. The new-found freedom and relaxed structure lead to excitement as students embrace a new world. What students often don’t see is the responsibility associated with their new freedom. For every good decision to be made, an equally negative one can result in life-altering consequences. Parents have an amazing responsibility to prepare their son or daughter to embrace growing up from all perspectives. The Milestone Path places this time of transition to occur at sixteen. Most students will get their driver’s license and keys to either their car or a shared vehicle. They will have an unprecedented amount of freedom. Yet before engaging this new freedom, parents must prepare their adolescent to see this freedom through God’s heart.

Understanding the Biblical characteristics and roles of men and women will help teenagers grasp God’s heart for them. Influences from all areas of life constantly beg for your teenager’s attention. Many will attempt to redefine manhood and womanhood. Throughout Scripture, God defines what a man and woman should look like. Leading your son or daughter well through this phase is critical to developing a Biblical worldview. Learning to evaluate everything through the lens of Scripture will enable your son or daughter to see through lies they will encounter each day.

Learn more about Milestone Six at our Milestone Six breakout at Parent Summit, coming in 2022.