For the worship ministry of Valley View Church, our end goal is not to produce great worship services, but rather to produce great worshipers, who will in turn help produce great worship services.

Therefore, we’ve developed a process that’s simple to understand and easy for us to communicate to our people. Our process encourages worshipers in our ministry to become apprentices, who may develop into leaders, some of whom may eventually become overseers. Our process is intentional, prayerful, and deliberate. It’s intentional because we believe training and discipleship doesn’t happen by accident. It’s prayerful because we recognize that in ourselves we are powerless to help people grow. Only the Holy Spirit can bring about lasting change in someone. This process is deliberate because we firmly believe we have a God-given responsibility to train up those He entrusts to our ministry.

We want everyone in our church to be a true worshiper of God. Thus, we offer several non-auditioned opportunities for people to be involved in our worship ministry, including our children’s choirs, the intermediate and advanced bands for our older students, and our adult choir. Non-musicians may be able to help with production or serve in other ways within our ministry.

For Worshipers.

For Apprentices.

Those who desire to grow in their character and competencies may be given the opportunity to be apprentices who are mentored by a leader or overseer. Apprentices may also qualify for scholarships for musical training. To help them develop, apprentices may be asked to serve in some way within our children’s or youth worship services, or perhaps within mission outreach ministries of our church. We observe and coach them through these opportunities.

Interested in being in our Apprentice Program? Go here for more info and to apply.

The natural progression for apprentices who stay faithful and committed to growth is influence. Many of our apprentices will never have an official title or position within our worship ministry. To us leadership isn’t dependent or defined by some title. In fact, we generally discourage apprentices from making position their goal. However, as they sharpen their skills and mature, they will become more and more recognized as leaders among our team. Places where these trusted leaders may serve include being core team members in our main service worship bands and vocal teams. Leaders may also serve as managers in the production booth or as primary worship leaders in our student bands or mid-week services.

For Leaders.

For Overseers.

Some who are leaders may be asked to become overseers of groups of people within our worship ministry. By the word “overseer,” we don’t mean someone who lords over others or who merely manages other people’s schedules. Instead, overseers seek to serve those they lead and help mentor them. Overseers in production might serve as technical directors or as team leaders. Other overseers include choir captains and band directors. Some overseer positions are voluntary, while others may be paid staff positions.

Go here to read our goals and expectations for those being trained by our process.

Goals and Expectations.

Timeline for our Process.

Our timeline for individuals is as long as it takes! We’re not trying to grow dandelions here; we’re growing oak trees–men and women who will be worshipers and worship leaders for life. Some people will move through the process much faster than others. Some may take months or even years to develop. That’s fine. We’re committed to this process and to our people for the long haul—just like God is committed and patient with us!

For more information, contact Corey Denzik.