Click the images below to learn more about our strategy to engage our Adults, Students and Kids on this digital faith@home path.

Ways to Connect at Home

Sunday Worship
  • Worship online at 11:00 AM 
  • FAITHtalk
Life Group Connection
  • Online Sunday at 9:30 AM adults Zoom with their group
  • Children LG lesson with parents
  • Students Zoom meetings
Daily Devotions
  • YouVersion with staff
  • YouVersion for students
  • Marco Polo for Children
Wednesday Encouragement
  • Online at 6:30 PM with Brian and Chris
  • Awana for children and parents
  • Students Worship online, Zoom with leaders
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We invite you to join us as we walk this new path until we gather in person again...
Through the daily devotionals, online videos, zoom small group calls, and you as their parent encouraging them daily, we will be able to remind students that God is always faithful and good...
As always, we want to support our parents as the primary faith trainers in our homes.  Now more than ever.  During this time, we want to stay connected to you and your home...