John 12:9-19 | Baby Donkey King | Sermon Only
John 12:9-19 | Baby Donkey King | Sermon Only
August 6, 2023 |
Sunday Morning
The Gospel of John: Baby Donkey King
John C. Majors |
John 12:9-19
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Sunday Morning | August 6, 2023 | John C. Majors | Louisville, KY On August 6, the sermon titled “Baby Donkey King,” based on John 12:9-19, emphasized four essential ways to follow the King, drawing insights from the biblical account of Jesus’s entry into Jerusalem on a donkey. First, it encouraged seeking the presence of the King, exemplifying the importance of developing a personal and intimate connection with Him. Second, it stressed the significance of worshiping the King publicly, echoing the jubilant praises offered by the crowd in Psalm 118. The sermon then urged listeners to pay close attention to the actions of the King, reminding them that genuine discipleship involves observing His teachings and deeds. Lastly, the message highlighted the need to continually talk about the King, sharing His transformative influence with others. The sermon concluded with three practical applications: a call to remember and be grateful for the grace of the King in one’s life, a caution against a fickle heart that wavers in devotion, and an invitation to worship the King for who He truly is. Through these four ways and three applications, the congregation was encouraged to deepen their connection with the King and embody the essence of true discipleship.