John 12:20-36 | Dying to Live | Sermon Only
John 12:20-36 | Dying to Live | Sermon Only
August 13, 2023 |
Sunday Morning
The Gospel of John | Dying to Live
John C. Majors |
John 12:20-36
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In the sermon titled “Dying to Live,” Pastor John discusses how Jesus confronted the concept of death differently from us. It emphasizes that our view of death shapes our approach to life. Jesus’ encounter with Greeks symbolizes his mission expanding beyond Jews, highlighting the transition in his ministry. The structure presented is a ladder, with one side illustrating Jesus’ approach to death and the other applying it to us. Pastor John highlights themes of Christ’s death bringing life, dying to self leading to true living, trusting and listening to the Father’s will, achieving reconciliation through death, and the fleeting nature of time urging us to walk in the light and contemplate the significance of Christ’s death and resurrection for hope and meaning.