FREE AND FEARLESS: Fear God to Be Fearless | Sermon Only
FREE AND FEARLESS: Fear God to Be Fearless | Sermon Only
July 16, 2023 |
Sunday Morning
FREE AND FEARLESS: Fear God to Be Fearless
Colby Flowers |
Isaiah 6:1-8
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Sunday Morning | July 16, 2023 | Colby Flowers | Louisville, KY Our guest speaker for today’s sermon is our own Colby Flowers, Student Pastor, and is taken from Isaiah 6:1-8. In this powerful sermon, Pastor Colby Flowers explores the concept of fear and fearlessness in the context of our relationship with God. Drawing from the biblical passage in Isaiah 6:1-8, he uncovers the profound truth that to be fearless, we must first have a fear of God. The sermon emphasizes the personal conviction that arises when we see ourselves in light of God’s holiness. It encourages honest self-reflection and the need for cleansing and atonement through God’s grace. By fearing God and recognizing the vast distance between His holiness and our own sinfulness, we can experience transformation and become fearless. Drawing parallels between Isaiah’s response and our own lives, the sermon explores how fearing God can make us fearless in various areas. It emboldens us to face judgment and sin with confidence in God’s steadfast love and forgiveness. It empowers us to resist temptation, knowing that God’s fear is before us. It also enables us to fearlessly navigate the challenges of this world, understanding that the fear of God surpasses any fear of man. This sermon leaves viewers with a challenge: Do we truly fear God? Are we willing to let His holiness transform our lives and lead us into fearless obedience? Join us as we explore the transformative power of the fear of God and discover the freedom and fearlessness that come from surrendering to Him.