John 10:1-21 | Deadly Love
John 10:1-21 | Deadly Love
May 21, 2023 |
Sunday Morning
John 10:1-21 | Deadly Love
John C. Majors |
John 10:1-21
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Sunday Morning | May 21, 2023 | John C. Majors | Louisville, KY In this sermon, Pastor John emphasizes the importance of recognizing the voice of the true shepherd, which can be achieved by knowing His word and listening to the Holy Spirit. He also highlights the contrast between the true shepherd and false shepherds who abuse their role and hinder the way to Jesus. The sermon concludes by pointing out that true love involves sacrifice and selflessness. The ultimate example of this is Jesus, who laid down his life for his followers. John encourages the congregation to reflect on whether they are acting as true shepherds in their own lives, caring for others and being willing to make sacrifices. The sermon title is “Deadly Love,” referring to the sacrificial love that Jesus demonstrated for humanity.