John 8:31-36 | Where Freedom is Found
John 8:31-36 | Where Freedom is Found
April 9, 2023 |
Sunday Morning
John 8:31-36 | Where Freedom is Found
John C. Majors |
John 8:31-36
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On this Easter Sunday, Pastor John discusses the theme of “Free & Fearless,” with a focus on how to find true freedom and live in it. He analyzes John 8:31-36 and identifies three points on the pathway of genuine belief: abiding in Jesus’ word, acknowledging reality, and being set free. The first point involves committing to Jesus’ teachings and being governed by them. The second point requires individuals to acknowledge the reality of their own condition, including their sinfulness. Finally, being set free involves embracing the truth found in Jesus’ word and being released from the bondage of lies and confusion. The author encourages readers to find freedom by abiding in Jesus’ word and acknowledging their own sinfulness.