John 9:35-41 | Only the Blind Truly See
John 9:35-41 | Only the Blind Truly See
May 14, 2023 |
Sunday Morning
John 9:35-41 | Only the Blind Truly See
John C. Majors |
John 9:35-41
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Sunday Morning | May 14, 2023 | John C. Majors | Louisville, KY This passage is from John 9:35-41, where Jesus healed a blind man and his belief in Jesus grew while the hearts of the Pharisees hardened. The blind man was cast out after being healed, and Jesus found him. Jesus asked him if he believed in the Son of Man, to which he responded in belief and worship. Jesus then talked about judgment and blindness, explaining that those who do not see may see and those who see may become blind. This is meant in both a physical and spiritual sense. If someone is blind physically, they are not guilty, but if they are blind spiritually, they are guilty. Jesus is calling out the false beliefs of the Pharisees and pointing out that they are blinded by their own superstitions. The blind man’s belief in Jesus is an example of focusing on experiencing Jesus, and we should all get to know Him because He cares about us and wants to come to us in our deepest need.