Bridging the Gap by Faith
Bridging the Gap by Faith

Bridging the Gap by Faith

Bridging the Gap by Faith

There’s a bridge in St. Louis that was the first bridge to span the Mississippi River, and the first steel truss bridge built in the world. Many were skeptical that the bridge could bear the weight of the city passing to and fro throughout the day, since they had never seen a bridge built out of steel. So in order to publicly test the bridge, to show the bridge was ready and strong, they walked an elephant across the bridge, as many believed an elephant wouldn’t walk across something it didn’t trust. Then they parked fourteen fully loaded trains on the bridge for opening day. The city celebrated the achievement and the bridge still stands today.

Bridging a gap the width of the Mississippi required ingenuity, it required new methods, it required steps of faith. Sunday I presented a mid-year direction and financial update for the church. I shared some of the ministry highlights from the year, of which the following are a few:

  • Worship attendance is averaging about 100 more than a year ago.
  • Since January there have been 20 new members join the church and 18 baptisms.
  • Kidzone average attendance has increased by about 20 kids.
  • VBS is shaping up to be a record year.
  • Kids’ soccer and basketball had record participation.
  • Our Home School ministry is growing and touching families all over the South End.

These are just a few of the many ministry highlights this year. The challenge we face is that we have a gap to bridge as well. On a weekly basis the church has about a $5,200 gap between what is needed to cover the budget and what we receive. Sunday I asked for new commitments to help bridge this gap. We received 63 cards with a total of about $2,000 in new weekly commitments! What a tremendous response.

I know many needed time to pray and look over their finances before making a commitment, so this week we will have another opportunity to turn in commitments. I’m praying we see the remaining gap covered. I know it will take steps of faith by many of us, so thank you for praying and seeking God’s wisdom for what He would have you do to help bridge this gap. It would be amazing to see the gap covered this Sunday though I don’t plan to walk an elephant across the stage if we do.

I have asked the Elders and Deacons to join with me in praying and fasting today specifically for this need to be met. It seemed only fitting as we study Esther to turn to fasting in a time of need. Thank you for seeking the Lord’s will in this as our church seeks to minister to the South End of Louisville.

Image by Mitchell Schultheis – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, 

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