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Pastor John’s Blog

Take Heart

I was listening to an interview with a former Green Beret and he said one of the things they did to get ready for real combat was to try and simulate the chaos of the moment. So when they practiced shooting, they didn’t just calmly go out to a nice quiet gun range and take each shot with measured precision. Instead they would run five miles hard with full gear, then plop down and shoot.

Growing Through the Seasons of Life

This past Sunday Eddie Lee Brooks, our Children’s Minister for 44 years, shared that her time leading our children is coming to a close. I’m honored that I have been able to serve alongside Eddie Lee for the last two years. She began investing in me when I was six years old, a hyper-active kid in her first year of Children’s Ministry. Now I’ve had a chance to watch her be an integral part of the Church Staff. She is always quick to invest in others, eager to serve, very patient, humble, and kind, with a heart for loving the needy.

We Are Not Chickens

An interesting thing about chickens is that even with their heads (so far so good), they still run around like chickens with their heads cut off. Toss a grub or caterpillar in the pen, and they all chase after the lucky chicken who captured it until that chicken tires out and is forced to share. But sometimes the pursuers forget what they were chasing, get distracted and pulled in another direction. Ever feel that way? Distracted, rushing, running around chasing the thing right in front of you in that moment?

Thinking Outward

One of my favorite books about how Christians should engage with the culture is called The Benedict Option by Rod Dreher. Not “Benedict” like Benedict Arnold, but as in St. Benedict, referring to a group of monks that follow in the tradition he began in 529 AD. We usually think of monks as being reclusive, pulling away from society in their remote monastery to focus on prayer, only coming out to sell the cheese or beverages they make. And that is usually true, but Dreher observed one particular group in Italy that took a more determined approach to their mission.

The Way, The Truth, The Life

We were on our way back from an early morning fly-fishing trip. It was a productive morning, both of us having caught some fish, returning refreshed from the cool mountain water and air. In the relaxed atmosphere of the single cab Chevy, the conversation turned toward spiritual matters. He, the philosophical skeptic, pondered aloud the meaning of life. I mentioned how knowing Jesus personally has given me purpose and meaning in life. His response was typical of one you might hear these days, “Yes, Jesus had a lot of great things to say, a great moral teacher.” I pushed back by sharing from my own journey. “True, He did have a lot of great things to say, but He also had some crazy things to say. For instance, I really had to wrestle with His statement, “I am THE way, THE Truth, and THE life, no one comes to the Father except through me.” That’s a pretty bold claim that doesn’t leave any middle room.”