When the Waiting is Finally Over
When the Waiting is Finally Over

When the Waiting is Finally Over

When the Waiting is Finally Over

I remember the morning he walked into the room and everything had suddenly changed. Julie and I looked at each other, looked back at him, and both said out loud, “Did you grow overnight?” My oldest had hovered near overtaking me in height for what seemed like years, but all of the sudden, it appeared he had shot past me without asking. We did a back to back stand off like the old west, and sure enough, he had finally done it! After all that hard work and waiting, the great pass finally happened.

Sometimes it seems like we wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and then all of a sudden, the thing we’ve been waiting for is finally and suddenly here. That’s true for teenagers, and it’s true for two areas in the life of our church this week: Vacation Bible School (VBS) and the Fellowship Hall Remodel.


Vacation Bible School

It’s hard to believe that VBS is here again! Last year was an exciting moment for me, coming back to Valley View as pastor and being able to see VBS reach so many kids. VBS at Valley View meant so much to me as a child. That makes it so much more special now to watch VBS at work in the lives of so many. I’ve had person after person (parent and child) come up to me and say “Thank you for this! We’re having the best time!” One dad asked how long it took me to do all the decorating, I said not long. Which is technically true. But then I confessed that It took a whole team of people (NOT me) many months. Thankfully, he laughed.

Be praying for all of our volunteers. It takes over EIGHTY volunteers to put on a quality event, and we have so many passionate people serving this week.

Be praying for these kids, that God’s Word would be hidden in their hearts. Pray that each child here this week comes to know Christ at a young age and walks faithfully with Him for a lifetime. We have around 230 children here this year, which is about FIFTY more than last year! Also pray for the families that are not connected with a church, that we would be able to connect with them and that God would give them a burden for getting involved in a Gospel-centered, Bible believing church (whether Valley View or another) so that their children can continue to grow.


Fellowship Hall Remodel

It seems like ages since we announced that all the money had been raised for the Fellowship Hall. Since then we have had many months of waiting while the walls were on order, but now things are starting to happen.

Next Monday and Tuesday we are removing all the walls from the Fellowship Hall. We need help both days, in the morning and evening, from those that can lift at least 75 lbs, to help get the walls out and into dumpsters. See below for more details and to sign up.

Keep praying for the remodel efforts. Lord willing, we will have everything in place by the end of the summer to launch our fall programs. Also take note that when Life Groups meet again this Sunday, you’ll be in your new location. Plan to show up a little early and also come expecting some bumps in the transition this first week.

Read ahead in John 11:45-57 as we continue our study in the book of John. This week we will look at three responses to Jesus raising Lazarus. It’s a big week for our church and a big transition into the summer. Be praying for all that God is doing this week as we seek to be His witnesses in PRP, Valley Station, and all of Southwest Louisville!

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