Managing the Between Time
Managing the Between Time

Managing the Between Time

Managing the between time

I remember the summer between graduating high school and starting college. It was a time filled with anticipation and excitement, but also with a little fear and trepidation. I was excited for the freedom of setting my own schedule, nobody telling me what to do (or at least I thought… there were still teachers… and bosses… oh, and sometimes my parents), and for the new challenge. But also there was just a hint of wondering if I’d be able to step up to the challenge or not, a healthy fear of wondering how I would fare. Would I lean on self or on Christ? Would my walk strengthen or fade? Would I flourish or flounder?

We left Esther in Chapter four having resolved to take the step of faith to go into the King uninvited. And now she prepares and waits. She prays and fasts and calls everyone she knows to do the same. This week we will find out how it goes. Will the king accept her or go Henry the 8th on her? Will she flourish or flounder?

There’s no doubt that waiting in the between time can be challenging. That’s why I asked Sunday that you be praying for our recent high school grads. Some are going on to college, some to trades or the arts, and some are still trying to figure out their next steps. No matter the direction, they all need our prayers as this season is often challenging. These are our future families and leaders in the church, so let’s bathe them in prayer over the next year. We’ve listed their names below. Would you commit to adopting one of these graduates and praying for them every week for the next year? You might also consider reaching out and encouraging them occasionally, maybe dropping them a hand written note. If you missed the start of the service Sunday, you can go back and watch Colby share about each of these graduates to get to know them better.

The church will only be as strong as the next generation. Our hope is that Valley View is a place where people of every age are flourishing in their faith and becoming fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ (Luke 9:23). Our church is growing, we’re adding new members almost every week (please welcome our newest members Aaron and Sarah Davis of Alethia Legacy) and we need to be praying for not just new adult believers but for the next generation as well. May God give us wisdom as we seek to reach every generation in the South End of Louisville for Christ!

Photo by Stanley Morales

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