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Legacy Milestone Path

Legacy Milestone Path

Welcome to the adventure of leading your children spiritually!

Milestone One
Milestone One

Family Commitment

Birth-Age 4

Understanding Your Role as the Primary Faith Trainer for your children and family.

Milestone Two
Milestone Two

Bible Discovery

Kindergarten – 1st Grade

Training your Child to Know and Use their Bible


Milestone Three
Milestone Three

Gospel Foundation

Grades 2-3

Teaching your Child to Grow in the Grace and Knowledge of Jesus Christ

Milestone Four
Milestone Four

Preparing for Adolescence

Grades 4-5

Preparing your Child to Embrace their Identity in Christ as a Teenager

Milestone Five
Milestone Five

Purity for Life

Grades 6-8

Leading your Teenager to Live a Life of Biblical Purity

Milestone Six
Milestone Six

Rite of Passage

Grades 9-10

Equipping your Teenager for Biblical Manhood or  Womanhood

Milestone Seven
Milestone Seven

Live Your Legacy

Grades 11-12

Launching your Teenager to be a Lifelong Follower of Christ

What do we mean when we talk about faith @ home?

Although our faith at home strategy is for our entire church body no matter their age or lifestage, for parents of kids birth-high school, there are three elements to our faith at home strategy, implemented in age-appropriate ways along the milestone path.  These elements are:

1) faithTALK and groupTALK

One Email. Two Conversations. Every Home. Every Week.

Faith talks are intentional times set aside each week for conversations around the Scripture.  Group talks are conversations around the life group lesson for the week.  To help you get these conversations started, each week we send out a churchwide faithtalk and grouptalk email for that week’s sermon and life group lesson.   Sign up here to receive the weekly faithtalk/grouptalk email.

2) God Moments

God Moments will begin to happen as your child begins to communicate and will continue as he or she grows and matures. These are informal moments where God is working in his or her life. As a parent, be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit to capture these moments and point your child toward Christ.

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3) Celebrating Milestones

Walking the path includes celebrating milestones as your child passes through them. Each Milestone has a family celebration associated with it. Make these moments an exciting time in the life of your child.

Plan Your Path in Order of Importance

  • Understand that your children follow your lead. Be sure you are utilizing the tools of the Legacy Milestone Path to be the spiritual leaders that your children need you to be.
  • Determine when the next one-day Parent Summit is at Valley View. Parent Summit is a one day conference for parents offered in the fall each year. At Parent Summit, you will learn where your family is on the path and how to lead them to the next milestone. Parent Summit is the entry point to the path and a continuing training opportunity for parents. Learn more here.
  • Take the 2 Core Courses offered at Parent Summit:
    • Understanding the Path
    • Leading Faith Talks and Maximizing God Moments
  • Determine what milestones your children are heading toward in their spiritual development.
  • At the next Parent Summit, take the seminars associated with the milestones your children are growing toward. Take Parent Seminars 1-2 years BEFORE your child is ready to celebrate a milestone.
  • Check out resources available in the Legacy Resource Center at Valley View, or purchase resources at our annual Parent Summit. Our pastoral team has looked through many resources to share the best ones with you.
  • Set aside time each week for your intentional faith talk and group talk.
  • Use recommended resources to quickly create faith talks that will lead your family along the pathway of Valley View Milestones.
  • Celebrate milestones when they are reached, as recommended in the parent seminars. Feel free to be creative and add your own family’s twist to the celebrations. Then move forward toward the next milestone.