Sharing a Meal and Sharing Life
Sharing a Meal and Sharing Life

Sharing a Meal and Sharing Life

Sharing a Meal and Sharing Life

I was walking through the sanctuary just prior to the service, winding my way toward the front, when I paused to chat with Larry Peercy. His first question was one that has been on the lips of many the last few months, “What’s the plan for re-starting Wednesday night suppers?” Since the place where we will meet for these meals is named after him and his wife, I shared a few more details than normal, some potential start dates, and some of the challenges we’re working through. He listened patiently and then shared a story: “In the summer of 1996 we were at a low point as a church. We probably could have met in the chapel for our main service. The Sunday morning that our pastor resigned, I stood up and said, ‘This Wednesday night we will have our first supper in a long time. We want everyone to come out and have a time to reconnect and start rebuilding fellowship.’ That was a turning point for our church. There’s something about having those times of sharing a meal and building relationships that strengthens the core of the church.” I couldn’t agree more!

Our Wednesday Meal Restart

The time has finally come for us to start regathering for meals in our newly renovated fellowship hall. Our first gathering will be on October 11th. The first meal will be Roast Beef (a crowd favorite and the same meal we launched our fundraising efforts with about a year ago). Meal menus will be posted a week in advance in the midweek update for the weeks following Oct 11. I also plan to teach an open Bible Study in the Fellowship Hall immediately after the meal.

My conversation with Larry didn’t end there. I shared that someone had approached me about sponsoring the first meal. Larry said, “The other thing we did 27 years ago was we made that first meal free to everyone. We wanted everyone to be there to build excitement.” Larry already had the idea that God had laid on the heart of another generous church member. So our first meal back together will be free for everyone. All we ask is that you sign up in advance so we’ll know how much to prepare.

Be praying for our teams as they put the finishing details together. There is much work to be done to prepare for this night. Some of you have expressed interest in serving, so you should be hearing from a team leader, and we can still use more volunteers!

Spread the Word

I heard from more people than ever before about the message on Jesus’s betrayal last week. If you know others that need a home church, or have faced a betrayal and need hope, share the message with them and introduce them to Valley View. Share links to the YouTube version, or on our website, or on facebook.

I’m so grateful for all that God is doing at Valley View right now. I heard from another pastor in the area this week that he believes God is at work at Valley View. Keep praying that God would continue to grow our church, that we would walk humbly, in dependence on Him, Free and Fearless, as we seek to reach all of Southwest Louisville with the gospel of Jesus Christ!

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