Ten Spiritual Habits for Life
Ten Spiritual Habits for Life

Ten Spiritual Habits for Life

Ten Spiritual Habits for Life

One thing I love about Valley View is the hunger to grow and learn that shows up in every life stage, all throughout the church. One of our oldest church members was still reading a book a day until very recently! Many of our youngest are working hard every week to memorize Scripture. I’m inspired and challenged every week by your example.

Sunday we wrapped up our four part series on developing strong Spiritual Habits. In fact, we focused on ten habits for building spiritual life in 2024. You can revisit all four messages on our website, and also on our Youtube page. You can also listen to our church podcast feed.

I mentioned that many of the habit-building ideas came from the book Atomic Habits by James Clear. I recorded a one-hour summary of the book with a friend a few years back that you can listen to here, or on Apple podcasts. I also captured about eleven pages of key quotes from the book that are attached to this email. I recommend buying a copy of the book, or you can always borrow it from the library (printebook, and audio). I LOVE listening to audiobooks from the library. They are free; all you need is a library card (also free, just stop by the library), and download the Libby app (AndroidApple). Our library branch is one of the best in Louisville, and just minutes from the church!

Another book mentioned was The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Mark Comer. I mention it specifically for those who struggle to slow down and carve out space to rest and worship. This book is so good. You’ll be encouraged with all kinds of ideas you can put to use right away. You can also listen to this one through the Libby app. (Keep in mind you may have to wait for it if others are already listening to it, but just put it on hold and they will notify you when it is ready.)

Below are the notes handed out Sunday summarizing the series. If you’ve answered the questions at the bottom of the list, I’d love to hear your answers. Just reply to this email. May God increase your hunger for him in 2024 and open the door to tell others about Him all throughout Southwest Louisville!


  1. Hear God’s Word
  2. Develop a Heart of Humility
  3. Abide in Community
  4. Abide in Prayer
  5. Build up Others in Love
  6. Invite
  7. Invest
  8. Treasure the Savior in Worship
  9. Trust the Lord’s Sovereignty
  10. Safeguard the Sabbath

Theme verse: Luke 16:10, “One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much”


  1. Attach a new habit to an existing habit.
  2. Make it so easy to begin that you can’t not do it.
  3. Determine the next physical action to take.
  4. Develop identity based habits (“I’m the kind of person who…”)
  5. Focus on Systems rather than Goals.
  6. Focus on LEAD vs. LAG measures (Lead = action you can take).
  7. Create Encouragability.
  8. Prepare the environment (make it easier to do what you want).
  9. Get around people you want to be like (you become like those around you).
  10. Make it attractive.
  11. Flip it Positive (wheelchair = freedom).
  12. Make it automatic (remove emotional energy).
  13. Develop a Trigger Habit (“when I… I will.”)
  14. Reduce distractions.
  15. Focus on only one new habit at a time.
  16. Track your new habit: “Don’t break Chain.”
  17. Assess your available time.
  18. Point and state.
  19. Do what you can and rest in that.

What is one Spiritual Habit I want to build in 2024?

What is one thing I can do this week to begin building that habit?

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