The Impact of One Choice
The Impact of One Choice

The Impact of One Choice

The choice seemed overwhelming. Would he choose the easy path, the natural desire, and hide out in a remote German monastery to translate the Bible? Or would he move closer to danger, closer to where his life would be at risk and, more importantly, closer to where God’s Word in English could actually reach the English speaking people?

This was the decision William Tyndale faced. To our benefit he chose the latter, though it ultimately cost him his life. However, within a year of being burned at the stake for heresy on October 6, 1536, his English translation of the Bible, the very one he was put to death for creating, would be openly sold in England.

You can read more about Tyndale in the short book we’ve featured this month called The Weekly Historian, a collection of 52 short devotions on church history. You can buy it online or locally at the Southern Seminary Bookstore.

Tyndale’s life serves as a powerful reminder that we might never know in this lifetime how our witness, our testimony, might be used to reach the world. Last week we studied a passage in the book of John where John the Baptist came bearing witness, giving testimony, not of how great he was, but pointing towards Christ, who came to take away the sin of the world.

This Sunday we will look at John 1:35-51, if you want to read and study ahead, where John the Baptist hands off a couple of his disciples to Jesus who then goes and calls a few more disciples. We will also introduce other figures from church history since October is Church History Month at Valley View (thank you for your increasing enthusiasm).

Men’s ministry has been working hard behind the scenes to develop a plan for the coming year. To help build some momentum, they’ve planned a men’s outing for October 29th involving fishing or skeet shooting. You’ll want to stop by the table in the lobby to sign up and learn more this Sunday. They’re also planning another breakfast for November 19th so go ahead and put that on your calendar. We will share more about other men’s ministry plans soon.

We’ve also started to put these midweek updates on our website. Under the about tab there is a Pastor John’s Blog dropdown link. So whenever you think to yourself, “boy I’d really like to reread all those mid-week updates over and over again!” as I’m sure you often do, well you now have the ability. Or at least you’ll be able to look up something I mentioned in a previous week.

For instance, last week we announced that I’ll be hosting a Pastor’s Class for three weeks starting October 23rd. This is a class for those who are new to the church, who want to learn more about the church, or are interested in church membership. We meet during the life group hour (9:30-10:30am) in the conference room. We have limited availability (about 15), so please sign up here. We offer this class once a quarter.

Lastly our D-groups have a fresh round of classes for the last half of the fall term. The women are studying Amos; our World View offering will look at The Story of Reality; Also a powerful prayer course is being offered, and the parenting class is continuing. Couples will want to check out The Art of Marriage, which I had a hand in creating at FamilyLife. Which, by the way, for couples who want to take a deeper dive, I HIGHLY recommend the Weekend to Remember, which is being hosted here in Louisville at the Hyatt Regencyhotel. Sign-up information is below. Some limited scholarships are available for the registration costs through the church office.

There is a ton happening at Valley View these days! I’m so grateful for each of you who pray and give and serve to be a part of what God is doing to reach PRP, Valley Station, and all of Southwest Louisville. Can’t wait to worship with you this Sunday and celebrate some baptisms!

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