Timing Is Everything
Timing Is Everything

Timing Is Everything

Timing is Everything

Sunday I shared the story of the only man to survive both atomic bombs dropped in World War 2. The story set up the main theme of the message: Timing is everything. How we spend our time, where we go, who we spend it with, it all matters. Not only does it matter, but we must remember that time is fleeting. A few situations this week have stood as sobering reminders that everything can change in a moment: a job changes, a friend moves away, a sibling goes astray, and a loved one suddenly and unexpectedly passes.

We can’t control everything life brings us, but we can strive to make the most of what time we do have together. A friend shared this week, “I really don’t know how someone makes it through the low times of life without being surrounded by a strong Christian community.” It’s so true. And in order to have community when crisis hits, you have to be building it during the easy times. It won’t magically appear.

Mid March isn’t a high time on the social and holiday calendar, which means it’s a great time to take some intentional steps to build more community.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Invite some friends over to watch March-madness. Even if your team isn’t in it this year (let’s not talk about which team that might be). I’ll be cheering for my son’s school, Grand Canyon University (Go Lopes) while Julie cheers for the Cats.
  • Wednesday March 22nd we launch a new round of D-Groups, and we have some great classes lined up, like The Five Love languages for couples, and some powerful studies for the men and women, also a foundational study on prayer. Read more about each group and sign up here.
  • If you have young kids, invite over a family on Friday and read aloud to the kids about the true background of St. Patrick’s Day, how God used Patrick to bring the gospel to Ireland. And no I don’t think he used any leprechauns. Read Part 1 and Part 2.  You can also check out this book for kids.
  • Try out a life group this Sunday at 9:30. That’s one of the best places to be building community at Valley View!
  • Also remember to pray for our women who will be on their retreat Friday and Saturday.

Mr. Yamaguchi survived a great horror in those two bombings in 1945. And the great tragedy today is that in many places like Japan, and even in many american communities, loneliness has become equally devastating to those communities. Some countries have gone so far as to establish government offices to deal with the epidemic of loneliness.

I pray God uses us at Valley View to build into those around us, to give them hope, to help them find real life in Jesus Christ, and a life giving Christian community that overflows as a result. Thanks so much for all the ways you give, pray, and serve at Valley View. May God give us favor as we seek to proclaim Christ in and around Southwest Louisville!

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