Growing Through the Seasons of Life
Growing Through the Seasons of Life

Growing Through the Seasons of Life

Growing through the Seasons of Life

Bob Russell was the pastor at Southeast Christian Church for 40 years. When he started as a 20-something fresh out of Bible College, the church was running about 120 people a week. Ten years later they were about 400. When he retired in 2006, the average weekly attendance was 22,000.

The day he handed over the reins, he walked out of the church with his wife, they walked to the car, they turned back to look at the church, they turned to one another, each raised a hand and smacked a big high five, “We did it!” They were pumped to be handing over the leadership so they could head into a new season with fresh energy and vision.

This past Sunday Eddie Lee Brooks, our Children’s Minister for 44 years, shared that she too is entering a new season. Her time leading our children is coming to a close. She feels God is moving her and Bill into a new season, one with more focus on their family and also a heightened emphasis on ministering to our senior adults. As she said Sunday, “This is our church home, we’re not going anywhere.”

A Legacy of Faithfulness

I’m honored that I have been able to serve alongside Eddie Lee for the last two years. She began investing in me when I was six years old, a hyper-active kid in her first year of Children’s Ministry. Bill invested in me all through middle school with many camping and backpacking trips. Both loved on me through key seasons. Now I’ve had a chance to watch her be an integral part of the Church Staff. She is always quick to invest in others, eager to serve, very patient, humble, and kind, with a heart for loving the needy. She goes out of her way to build up other staff and was quick to welcome the new staff.

Though some would be tempted to only see me as the snot nosed little kid I might have been when she first started, she has always been quick to support and encourage me at every turn. In short she exemplifies Philippians 4:8, “whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable. If anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things.”

A Day of Celebration

I’m looking forward to our day of celebrating her new season here in the coming months: we’re still planning the details but we will have a reception after church one Sunday in early 2024. I’m also excited to see how God uses this new season to multiply her efforts to serve our senior adults. And lastly, as she also said to me, I’m excited to see who God brings to serve in the role as Children’s Minister and continue the legacy of faithfulness and love that Eddie Lee built at Valley View over the last two-score and four years.

We believe there are some exciting times ahead for our children, for Eddie Lee, and for our church as we seek to reach Southwest Louisville!

Photo by Ben Wicks on Unsplash

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