The Power of Relational Trust
The Power of Relational Trust

The Power of Relational Trust

Much has been written about the D-day invasion of World War 2. One of the most profiled units of the war was the “Easy” Company of the 506th Airborne, made famous by the book and series, Band of Brothers. The author of the book, Stephen Ambrose, reflected on what made them such a great fighting unit:

“Most of what they learned in training proved to be valuable in combat, but it was that intimacy, that total trust, that comradeship that developed on those long, cold, wet English nights that proved to be invaluable.”

The skills were essential, but it was the relationship and trust that set them apart. For them that developed through the long marches over the English Countryside. The time and intensity forged strong bonds that would get them through some of the most intense situations one could imagine.

Fall Festival and Wednesday Suppers

When I think of Valley View, I think a lesson for us to take from Easy Company is the power of relational trust forged over time. We all want stronger relationships, but there is no shortcut; it really only happens over time spent together. Easy Company was a collection of guys from all over the United States, thrown together to meet a world crisis, and over the course of those three years together, they forged a friendship that would last a lifetime.

I love how so many of us are eager to gather and build those relationships that will make us stronger for the Gospel. Things like our first annual chili cook-off is a great example of the ways we keep getting to know one another and keep building trust. I mentioned the overall winner Sunday but wanted to highlight all the major placings here:

4th – Kathy Clark

3rd – Linda Nimmo

2nd – Kristen Monyhan

1st – Mark Sweetman

Hottest: Richard Cotton

Thanks to Betty Brown for leading the judging team, and thanks to all who worked so hard to organize the event, especially Eddie Lee Brooks, Colby Flowers, Melinda Kolb, and Cliff Roberts. I love it when our church gathers and I’m grateful for so many who invest in our gatherings. That’s why the restart of Wednesday Suppers has been such an encouragement. We now have a chance to just linger and connect every week.

I believe God is using these kinds of moments to keep connecting our church and building the trust we need with one another to make us more effective for spreading the Gospel all throughout our community in Southwest Louisville!

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