We Are Not Chickens
We Are Not Chickens

We Are Not Chickens

We are Not Chickens

I’m surprised by how often I’m asked, “So how is the dog doing?” Thanks to your prayers and the passing of time I think we are nearing the end of the chew and bury phase. So naturally what does a family do when life gets calm? Create new chaos adventures. For us that has meant chickens. Our first flock came in early August. They were doing great till the not-yet-reformed dog found them and discovered they made excellent squeaky toys. Only one of six survived. Then six new ones entered the fold, with the lone survivor as their mother hen.

An interesting thing about chickens is that even with their heads (so far so good), they still run around like chickens with their heads cut off. Toss a grub or caterpillar in the pen, and they all chase after the lucky chicken who captured it until that chicken tires out and is forced to share. But sometimes the pursuers forget what they were chasing, get distracted and pulled in another direction. Ever feel that way? Distracted, rushing, running around chasing the thing right in front of you in that moment?

I knew coming into this week that our church had many exciting events planned. Saturday was the Fall Landscape Day. This Wednesday is our re-launch of Wednesday Night Suppers (free to all for another week!). Friday and Saturday will be our Men’s Retreat. Our women gather to pray on Saturday. Sunday is our Fall Festival and Chili Cook Off. Wow what a week!

Finding Peace in a Busy Week

The timing is perfect then to look at John 14:27 this Sunday, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.” In the midst of the flurry of activity, in the midst of the excitement, we don’t have to be like the chickens, rather, we can trust that Christ has peace for us.

Meal Details

I can’t wait for this first Wednesday night meal together. Meals will be served from 5pm to 6pm. All regular activities will begin at the normally scheduled time of 6:30pm. I will start an open service/study on the topic of forgiveness. It’s open to everyone and doesn’t require any materials. There’s nothing to sign up for and no commitment, so feel free to check it out whenever you can. I’ll host it in Peercy Hall starting at 6:30pm as well. We’ll begin with a hymn and then I’ll start teaching.

If you have any questions about the meals restarting, please call the church office at 502-935-5142. Thanks to another generous donor, our next meal on October 18th, Spaghetti, will also be free. You can begin signing up for that on Thursday using this link.

Reaching our Community

When meals restarted after a long break back when I was still in college (almost 30 years ago now), it was a big moment for me personally and for our church. I’m praying it will be the case for us as well, especially this year as we focus on reaching out to others, being Free and Fearless, boldly proclaiming the gospel to our neighbors, family, and friends all throughout Southwest Louisville!

Photo by Hana Oliver on Unsplash

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