Know Your Purpose
Know Your Purpose

Know Your Purpose

Know Your Purpose

The late 1700s British politician, William Wilberforce, had two driving ambitions in life. He was best known for, “the suppression of the slave trade,” and the second was the “reformation of manners.” By “manners” he didn’t mean which fork and knife to use at a fancy dinner, but the moral soul of the nation. Any country that would be fine with slavery clearly had deep-seated moral and character issues. He needed to “make goodness fashionable again.”

It’s powerful to have that kind of focus and clarity about your purpose in life. Few people are able to state and define their driving purposes with such precision. An important thing to know about Wilberforce though, is that he did not pursue these goals alone. He had many around him who had similar burdens. One in particular was Hannah Moore. She, an influential writer and socialite, and 15 years his senior, was a life long partner in the struggle for the end of the slave trade. Both had come to know Christ personally in an age where religion had become very impersonal.

I mentioned Wilberforce and Hannah Moore partly because October is church history month at Valley View, and they are both featured in two excellent books by Eric Metaxas, Seven Men, and Seven Women.

Another reason we remember them is that they set a powerful example for us to be compelled by a clear  purpose and vision, and to not try to go it alone.

The Power of Community

One thing I love about Valley View is that we’re constantly looking to build community and build relationships that will strengthen our church and strengthen the love in our church. That will then open the doors for us to pour out into the community around us. Sunday was a great example where so many gathered for our chili cook-off. I think more families lingered to the very end than at any other after-church event.

We also had our first Wednesday Night Supper last Wednesday and it was a powerful time of connection. I think we’re going to see God move in amazing ways through that gathering in the coming weeks. Don’t forget that this week’s meal is free again. We’d love to see you there as we dive into the topic of forgiveness and our D groups start back up for the second term of the fall.

Wilberforce and Moore did see the end of slave trade in their lifetimes. They also saw changes in the moral fabric of their nation. Join me in praying that God would increase our burden for the lost in our community, that our driving passion would be to know Christ and make him known, and that we would lean on one another in community as we seek to see God move in new ways all over Southwest Louisville!


Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

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