How To Know God’s Will
How To Know God’s Will

How To Know God’s Will

How to Know God’s Will

I believe 2023 is going to be an amazing year for Valley View and for your life. To fully experience the best God has for us, we need to be hungry to hear from Him, to be seeking His face, and longing to understand His will. To help us learn to hear clearly from God, we launched our series on knowing God’s will on Sunday. We looked at the four dimensions of every action (AARM – Action, Attitude, Results, Motives). I’m basing the outline for these sermons on the book by Wayne Grudem. We will have copies available for $5. Dr. Grudem also has a series of lectures from his book on Ethics, most relevant to us is this message on making wise decisions.

This week we begin looking at the sources of information and guidance to know God’s will and make decisions. What do you lean on when trying to discern God’s will? Things like, prayer, the Bible, friends, mentors, your own understanding, and many others can contribute to your final decision. God wants to move in your life. He loves you and wants you to experience your life at its absolute fullest. I pray God gives each of us wisdom as we pursue Him in 2023.

We’re also gearing up for the Vision Casting Banquet on February 1st. This is the event we hold each year where we come together and seek God’s face for a vision from Him for the coming year. In 2022 we were hungry and dependent. Of course I pray we continue to be hungry and dependent, but I also believe He has some other words for us to focus on in 2023, and we will reveal those on that Wednesday night. Tickets are $10. Sign up for the banquet here and for childcare here.

Tonight we launch Awana, Student Ministry, and D-Groups. If you’ve not signed up for a D-group yet, you can do so here, or feel free to come and check out the first session if you’re undecided. Saturday we have our men’s breakfast at 8AM in the Community Room. Life Group leaders gather on Sunday January 22 to continue to get equipped for leading, teaching, and serving those in their groups.

Also continue to pray about finishing the fund-raising for the Fellowship Hall. I can’t wait for us to be able to gather there again for Wednesday night meals and other events. We’re so close now! Only $40,000 or so left to raise. Make a donation and help us wrap this up soon.

Thank you for all the ways you serve, for all your prayers, and for your passion for the Gospel. I’m praying we see God move in mighty ways at Valley View, in PRP, in Valley Station, and all over Southwest Louisville in 2023!

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